April 3, 2017
fish tacos
April 3, 2017


If you are one of the many people that love Mexican dishes, there are many recipes that you can choose from. Enchiladas and fish tacos might be some favorites that you can try, but whatever you do, you can’t forget about chimichangas, this is a traditional Mexican dish that is very authentic, but also really tasty, you just need to know how to make chimichangas the right way.


Here are a few of the best ways that you can simplify the chimichanga recipe so that you can make this dish at home:


A Lot Like a Burrito


If you are new to the world of cooking Mexican dishes, you can simplify things for yourself by comparing chimichangas to burritos. This is the best way to make things a lot simpler for you when you are cooking. Just note that a chimichanga will contain some type of meat with veggies and loaded with spices. This means that it is not exactly like a burrito, but when it is wrapped up in a tortilla, it does look similar in size and shape.




You can choose from different meats to add to your chimichanga recipe, but the most popular option that you can choose from is chicken. This is a meat that will not only taste by great when added to a tortilla, but is also a healthy alternative to ground beef or even steak. This means that it so best for you to make your favorite chimichanga recipe with chicken over any other meat that you can choose from. The best part is that you add refried beans to the meat for a combo that is really unbeatable. This means that you can make a really great chimichanga that will delight yiur taste buds if you are cooking with chicken.




Another reason why you can really switch up your chimichanga recipe depending on what you like is because you can add a variety of veggies. The most common veggies that you will add to a traditional clinicians recipe are onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic and lettuce. This means that you can even make your chimichanga even more healthier after you add the chicken by also loading up on some really tasty veggies. You just combine all of the ingredients together in a tortilla and wrap it up. It will contain beans, so it will be a lot like a burrito, but it will be even better because it will have a lot more to offer than just refried beans.

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