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April 3, 2017




Originally created as a snack, nachos have evolved over time to become a delicious meal. With more elaborate toppings available than ever before, and chips loaded to the max, it’s easy to see how this delicious snack has become a meal. Served at restaurants across the world, this food has come a long way since its humble beginnings.



Invented in the early 1940’s as a quick way to satisfy wives of U.S. soldiers, the original nachos were tortillas cut into chips, fried, and topped with cheese. This cheese was melted and then jalapenos were put on top of the concoction. Word of this delicious dish quickly spread, and in under ten years the name “nachos” had appeared for the first time in print. As the dish became more popular there were more people who tried to put their spin on this food, even going so far as to be able to turn it into a popular food for baseball games.



Thanks to all the different tastes in the world, there are a few main varieties of nachos that are recognized. These include BBQ nachos that use BBQ sauce instead of cheese and poutine nachos that replace the cheese with gravy. Another variation is to quarter and fry tostadas and top with meat, beans, and cheese. None of these are at all traditional, but still recognized as <h4>nachos</h4>.


Different Toppings

Although they may vary, most nachos have a few toppings in common. These include cheese (of most any kind), beans, diced tomatoes, and some sort of shredded meat. Guacamole, sour cream, and shredded lettuce are commonly served on the side, as are diced onions and pico de gallo.


Baseball Nachos

America’s favorite past time has its own version of <h2>nachos</h2>. A tray of tortilla chips that is smothered with a processed cheese is popular at baseball games. This cheese sauce is used when fresh cheeses are unavailable or just difficult to use. This dip has become more and more popular, and now is available for purchase at grocery stores. This processed cheese dip is a far cry from the melted cheese of the original nachos, but is still really popular. Some restaurants even serve it in place of regular nachos.


If you have a craving for nachos they’re just a short drive away, as most Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants serve some version of them to their customers. They are easily customizable and delicious!

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