Mexican Restaurant


About Us

It would only take a stroll down the streets of Latin America to see where Tropical’s inspiration originates. It has been said that South Americans are some of the most passionate people in the world and food is definitely the source of our passion. We offer to you the love that inspired our abuelitas, the love that is cooked into every dish using authentic real ingredients that create the flavor of our passion, our people, and our culture. Soak it up in the vibrant and attractive surroundings that are the essence of a fiesta in the street. We open not only our kitchen to you, but also our hearts, so please come share our love for our food! Allow us to welcome you with our smiles, dance to our music and taste our passion! We want you to savour Tropical’s flavours now because you will be craving them later and just like we do it in Latin America, don’t forget bring your amigos because everyone is invited to the party!