April 3, 2017
April 3, 2017


One of the most popular traditional Mexican dishes that you can eat are fajitas. This is a food that can tastes delicious. This is a food that typically features steak and peppers that are sauteed with onions and tomatoes before being topped with guacamole and wrapped in a tortilla. Even though it is a dish that is delectable it is not always heart healthy. This mean that if you are looking to tone down this recipe a little and make it in a healthier version, it is possible. The first thing that you need to do is to be looking to swap out the steak for chicken in the fajita recipe that you try.


Here are a few ways that you can switch up the traditional fajita recipe to make it healthier:




Subbing chicken for steak is the best way that you can make fajitas better for your health. Just make sure that you are using chicken that is grilled instead of chicken that is fried. You can also add some herbs and seasonings to your chicken that will help it to taste even better, but also offer benefits that can help lower your blood sugar and stabilize your cholesterol levels. This means that you should look to season the chicken that you add to your fajitas with cayenne and garlic. Chicken can still taste great when you are looking to make fajitas but they are better for your health than using normal steak. Making the swap really is a good idea for you.




Another substitution that you can look to make when you are starting to eat a little bit healthier is to look to swap out the traditional flour tortilla for a wheat alternative. The best part is that a wheat tortilla will taste a lot like a flour tortilla, but the main difference is that it is a lot better for your health. Whole wheat tortillas are known for having a lot less calories than flour and they also can reduce your risk of heart disease. This means that if you want to sell the choice that is best for your health, you should indulge in a tortilla that is heart healthy.


If you change up your favorite fajita recipe just a little bit, you can make it so that you can eat fajitas whenever you desire and it will be great for your health and for your heart to do so.

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